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InkBlot Volunteer Moderator Application

Note: This will require an Interview with our Founder, Jay! This will be scheduled at your convenience but a call will be necessary to move forward in the application process. The first step will consist of a chat-based conversation with our Lead Moderator, Avi via discord.

InkBlot Volunteer Moderator Work Description

Position Details

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Full Job Description

Job Title: Safety & Trust Team Moderator

Location: Remote

Candidate Requirements:
-Preferred working experience with teams

-Access to computer and reliable internet

InkBlot is a social platform for creatives, supporters and those looking to discover new works! We have all the features you are familiar with from other social channels— combined into one creator-friendly platform, with a focus on community. Creatives need to connect with each other and potential supporters alike, now more than ever. Without frustrating, seemingly randomized algorithms or the need to utilize multiple platforms for basic features, InkBlot will be your platform to grow, build, and discover. This is a website for art lovers, musicians, writers, artists, all in-between, striving to help preserve the joy of making and discovering art in all forms. We are looking for a remote volunteer moderator for our Safety & Trust Team. The role involves working with the team to ensure timely work regarding reports, communicating if issues arise and reporting on the management of current cases. Moderators also contact parties involved while handling reports, and enforce the Content Guidelines accordingly.

Responsibilities & Requirements

● Access to stable wifi and a computer with microphone. ● The ability to communicate often and clearly with the team via Slack. ● Manage time and tickets so that one is able to respond to cases within the expected response time. ● Utilize the team's tools to track volunteering time via Clockify, the Slack workspace, and our ticket help desk, Spiceworks. This is a ticket based system.

Expectations:  ● Adhere to good data compliance and security measures for the company. ● Time management skills - ~4 hours a month expected, with no need to adhere to specific times of the day or days of the week. ● Communication skills. A willingness to collaborate and share ideas or issues with the team is valued and needed. ● Attention to detail and genuine interest in the area of art-related moderation. ● Multi-tasking.

Volunteer Agreement
An agreement will be made and signed between parties to determine the relationship of this position between the volunteer and the company. As well as the strict and clear agreement of work expected.

This agreement will last only 3 months at a time.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

An NDA will be made and signed between parties to clarify the exclusivity and confidentiality of this position between the volunteer and the company and the work produced.

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