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InkBlot's MAP Application

InkBlot is organizing a Multi-Animator Project revolving around Bo and their friends! Join us as we depict the lovely Bo on a wonderful adventure.

The Project - General Information


October 1st: Early Bird Application Emails are Sent Out!
October 16th or 17th: General Applications Goes Live!
November 1st: Acceptance emails are sent along with discord project server invite
Project Due Date/Duration: TBA *Schedule is subject to change. Please keep this in mind

What's in Store

Here's a link to the official storyboard video:
Storyboard by CE Team Volunteer Iris
Please note: You must have discord access to join our project server if you are accepted. The project server IS NOT the Official InkBlot discord server - it is a server dedicated to InkBlot related projects.

Application Info

Preferred Name

Discord Username


InkBlot Username

InkBlot Account Email (for badges incase search system is down. Acceptance email will be sent to this address.)

Portfolio Link (include at least one animation sample)