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Accessibility Committee Interest Form

Accessibility Committee Goals and Responsibilities

Clear goals for the accessibility committee should be defined and promoted throughout an organization so that everyone understands the committee’s function. Such is the list below to accommodate those interested.

Committee Goals:

Our goal is to take a proactive approach to accessibility, addressing issues before they become complaints/issues/reports, rather than a reactive approach, where issues are addressed only when a report has been received.

By implementing a proactive approach, we are aiming to address potential barriers before they result in 'forgotten users'. While the company could receive a complaint, we understand that many people who encounter accessibility barriers do not report or bring awareness to it. They just leave, perhaps going elsewhere, deleting their account, or to never return. We are convinced that if any user, new or existing comes to our website, they have a pleasant, accessible experience. Or at the least we work towards a future experience next time they log on.

The accessibility committee would be responsible for:

- Raising accessibility awareness
- Encouraging feedback to share problems and solutions
- Provide guidance in the development team's plan for action for accessibility;
- Providing web and digital accessibility feedback and concerns
- Helping the Development and project management team implement and raise accessibility standards
- Representing the userbase in a fair, constructive and professional manner - A potential advocate for various groups across Meetings Virtual Meetings 1-2 Times every 3-4 months via Discord
The Committee will have a visible/public channel to discuss in for the nature of InkBlot for the community and such discussions that the committee is expected to have are not to be behind closed doors.

Composition of the Accessibility Committee

Nine (9) Users that: - Have been on InkBlot for at least 3-6 months+ - 18 yrs old or older - Experience working with or using accessibility tools (one or multiple) We think that these active and existing users understand the pace and the hard work that goes into InkBlot. This is not to subdue or water down the voices of those new to InkBlot, but to uplift the users that understand that our Development Team has its low 'man power' but does the best we can. Existing Long term members know the challenges that the team faces but understand that we do the absolute best we can. These users stick around and has seen our team GROW and continue to listen. They also exhibited that they will are just as passionate about InkBlot's grow and accessibility as the development team. One (1) Chair/Accessibility Champion This user would be appointed by the committee members after the first active quarter. A user among the committee that has exhibited leadership skills, a prominent and passionate voice among the group. This member would be the appointed and visible chairman of the Accessibility Committee. This will be an internal committee vote every quarter. One (1) Senior Executive/Developer (Founder)
Jay Brown is the only Executive thus would be represent this position.

Striving for diversity of committee members. Members should be recruited from and reflect our community, including BIPOC, individuals with various disabilities, various Queer/ Gender Identities, and older adults.